Saturday, September 25, 2010

Christchurch Women's Expo

Just a reminder about the Women's Expo that is on this weekend.  Catherine and I had a very busy day today and I would say that tomorrow it will be busy too (usually we do a small make and take but after the first half an hour there was no way that was going to happen there were so many people coming in (if you missed on doing a make and take book a workshop and you can make one or come to one here).  This year the Expo is FREE ENTRY (normally $10) Peacock Promotions who run the Women's Lifestyle Expo made entry free with the help of the Canterbury Star and The Breeze to show their support to the people of Canterbury.

Here is a picture of our stand before I left last night - I didn't have time to take more photos today.  Yes for all you Bright sparks out there, there is something missing but that was rectified this morning ........... (can you spot what's wrong???  Post your answer as a comment :-).  The stand shall we say was a tad fuller with things this morning.

So if you are in Christchurch come along and see us tomorrow Sunday 26th September at CBS Canterbury Arena (formerly Westpac Trust Arena) we will be there from 10am - 5pm pop passed and say hello.


  1. One of your Bright Butterflies had taken flight - I hope you had a great time over the event - My Mum who lives in Christchurch was going to the Expo - I hope she stopped by.


  2. your stand looks fabulous - hope it goes well for you

  3. Donna yes you are correct :-) Where are you from Donna??

    Karen it was very busy with free entry :-). Thanks.