Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Present wrapped

This is a little box that I designed to fit a new style Stampin' Up! Extra Large Punch (sorry the measurements are lost on my tables somewhere).

The box has a lid that snuggly fits over the top.  The colours I have used are Riding Hood Red and Vanilla. The Riding Hood Red ribbon that I used was received as part of the promotion in October/November Dressing up Christmas Promotion.  When I first saw the wide ribbon I wondered what I was going to do with it........ but now I think it is great.  Promotions are great for trying out different products.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day yesterday - we had a quiet day at home with a couple of extras and lots of food.

Shaky Christchurch
I would like to say that I hope that we stop having boxing day soon ........ I'd like to know who awoke the underground monster .........23 aftershocks in the last 24 hours it all started just after 2am this morning.  The 4.9 this morning at 10.30am caused a few things to fall over and we definitely get rocked around..........

Until next time (I have a whole heap of photos to post so if I get sorted I'll get a few more posted)


  1. Yes I hope that the aftershocks stop soon. Love the Christmas present box - beautifully made and looks expensive!!

  2. Thanks (I hope they stop soon too). Hmm yes the recipient was dying to see what was in it too supposedly she waited until Xmas day :-).

  3. The hunters forgot the ground monsters this season
    The box is aweosme!